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That Mercedes of yours is not some fuel-saving, spendthrift, racing-striped go-cart you’re driving here. It consists of sumptuous, high-performance Mercedes parts arranged in a manner of technological mastery in order to deliver a driving experience that is second to none. What you’re driving is the confluence of advanced engineering and custom Mercedes Parts compiled into the very definition of luxury.


So tell me, can you explain the sullying layer of dirt and grime so thick that you see nothing but darkness in the rearview mirror? Can you tell my why the magnificent black and chrome luster sparkles in the afternoon sun about as well as a tortoise shell? My goodness, are those door-dings I see on the paintjob?


Sit down, sir. It’s time we had a little chat. It’s about time I let you in on a growing epidemic that is rocking the very foundations of our beloved Mercedes vehicles: car care ineptitude. It has become all-too-common a problem among Mercedes enthusiasts, as well as all luxury car owners in general. This is puzzling, to say the least, since taking proper care of all those fine Mercedes parts is much easier than one might believe.


Personally, I like to think of owning a Mercedes as analogous to having a pet. Owning one brings you satisfaction and contentment. It adds an extra jig to your step and makes you feel proud that wherever you go, whatever you do, your loyal pet is there accompanying you.


On one hand, you can treat it with the utmost care, feeding it the best food, bathing it regularly, and training it to obey your commands. And in the end, your pet will reward you with years of problem-free service and devotion.


On the other hand, you can neglect it and take it for granted. Then some years down the line, the embittered and lackluster piece of machinery that was once a joy to own will ultimately fill you with regret and self-consciousness. The once formidable mass of custom Mercedes-Benz parts that comprised your luxury vehicle simply ceases to be luxurious, and all that remains is a dingy, shell of a vehicle that sputters down the highway collecting dust.


Welcome to Mercedes car care 101. Contained herein is the true Mercedes enthusiast’s guide to taking care of not just Mercedes vehicles, but all luxury vehicles in general, making sure that every last inch of those custom Mercedes parts stays in pristine – and lasting – condition.


” Wash Me”


Every so often, some purported jokester might leave some finger trails in the layer of accumulating dirt on your car, as if to mock your lack of cleanliness with a personal decoration.


Do us all a favor and give this person a piece of your mind, both because it’s an old and unoriginal joke that isn’t even funny anymore, and also because the half-hearted work of art is actually dragging dirt particles …